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8 Must Try Foods in Prague

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Prague has some of the best food for meat eaters and vegetarians, I should know  – I spent most of my study abroad and both vacations to Prague eating and drinking!

Smazey Syr Smazey Syr Smazey SyrSmazeny Syr

1. Smazeny Syr or “Fried Cheese” is literally gods gift to this world. It is exactly what it sounds like, a 1.5 inch think cut of cheese (usually edam) breaded and deep fried. My favorite place to get this delicious meal is at the street stands in Wenceslas Square near Old Town Square. At these street stands, they put the fried cheese in a bun and give you the option to top it with sauerkraut, onions and an assortment of condiments (I always go with the hořčice křemžská which is similar to dijon mustard) The best part is that you can buy this for less than $2.50!


2. Trdelnik  is a hungarian sweet pastry that is grilled and coated with sugar. Typically these tasty pastries are filled with a whipped cream and other toppings (nuts, fruit, powdered sugar) Recently ice cream or zmrzlina has become very popular and honestly it is amazing and you should definitely try that at least once while visiting Prague (I “tried” it several times). My favorite trdelnik stand is Trdlo was in between Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square. It is on the corner of Rytirska and Na Mustku.

Goulash and Bread Dumplings

3. Goulash is a soup or stew of meat and vegetables. Originating in Hungary, this dish has also become very popular in Central Europe. In the Czech Republic, most goulash is made with beef and served with bread dumplings (#4) My family tried goulash plenty of times near Old Town Square. Their favorite was Mama Lucy which is pretty pricey. I have heard that the best goulash in Prague can be found at Mlejnice.

4. Knedliky or Bread Dumplings are a traditional side dish in the Czech Republic. They are usually served with Goulash or other stews and are made from flour, eggs, milk and bread cubes. Although they do not contain a lot of flavor on their own, they do absorb up all of the accompanying dish and create a great texture. Potato dumplings are also very common and popular.

Goat CheeseGarlic Soup and Goat CheeseGoat Cheese

5. Goat Cheese, everything Goat Cheese! I did not notice this while I was studying abroad  but when I recently returned to Prague, goat cheese was everywhere and I loved it! Goat cheese has always been one of my favorite cheeses and foods. I like it most when it is baked and served on top of salad with a vinaigrette, yum! The first meal was served at U Chlupatyho Ducha and the second at Mama Lucy.

 Garlic Soup

6. Cesknecka or Garlic Soup, simple and delicious! This soup is the best hangover cure, it is a broth soup typically served with potatoes, garlic, onions and bread croutons.


7. Pivo  or Beer – Did you know that the Czech Republic is the number 1 ranked country for annual per capita consumption of beer? That’s probably because beer is literally cheaper than water. My personal favorite beers are Staropramen, followed by Kozel and then Pilsner. This picture above is taken at The Pub. At this pub, each table has it’s own tap and you can pour your own beer the entire time, you can even race your friends to see who drinks the most – be very careful with that!

Svarek Svarek

8. Svarek or Hot Wine – this is a very popular beverage in the Czech Republic. There are stands in almost every touristy area of the city where you can purchase hot(mulled) wine and sightsee. This will keep you warm and create a nice buzz to keep you going throughout the day.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Kebabs although this dish is not a traditional Czech dish, kebabs can be found on almost every corner and are popular with locals and tourists alike.
  • Fruit Dumplings: Popular dessert item, fruit filled dumplings and served with melted butter and sugar.
  • Burchak: The most dangerous beverage in Prague – the early stages of a young wine, mixed with sugar and fermented a bit.
  • Pork Knuckle
  • Roasted Duck

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