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5 Tips for Traveling to Morocco

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  1. Dress Appropriately
    Morocco is a Muslim country and it is important that you dress appropriately. Not everyone who visits the country dresses respectfully and this can make your experience in Morocco much more difficult. Men can wear normal clothing (short sleeve shirt and pants), but women should cover up as much as possible to avoid unwanted attention. I suggest packing 1 or 2 long scarfs to use to cover your shoulders in public. Pack floor length skirts, baggy tshirts/sweaters and long loose pants. You can also purchase all of this when you arrive to your first city for very cheap.
  2. Make Sure to have Moroccan Currency and be Prepared to Haggle
    Many of the shops now take credit cards, but it is important to always have the Moroccan Currency as often the ATMs do not work. The conversion is about 1 Euro to 10 Dirham. When in a shop, plan to haggle. Most of the products are marked up 400% so you should haggle for at most 50% of the asking price.
  3. Do Not Drink the Water
    Be aware of fruits and vegetables that you eat the skin and pack plenty of Pepto Bismol as many foreigners have trouble with their stomachs while traveling and eating Moroccan food.
  4. Tipping
    Plan to tip at least 1 Dirham to everyone who waits on you, carries your bags and taxi drivers. Tour guides should be tipped what you believe is deserved. 200-300 Dirhams per person is typical for multi-day tours.
  5. Carry the Essentials
    Carry toilet paper, hand sanitizer and baby wipes everywhere you go. This saved my life! Most bathrooms do not have soap or toilet paper.

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